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What are the components of an estate plan?

Many people think of estate planning as a subject that applies only to wealthy people. However, estate planning encompasses a lot more than just finding ways to pass down huge sums of wealth while paying the least amount in taxes. In other words, many people in the Lakeland and Winter Haven areas can benefit from an estate plan; it's not just for the mega-wealthy. So, what does an estate plan for the average person look like?

Common estate planning mistakes

It can be difficult for anyone to think about their death. However, when it comes to your estate, planning for your death is essential. Without taking the time to properly estate plan, you could be putting your assets and your family's financial security at risk. There are several common mistakes that people make when estate planning, Florida residents should be aware of these mistakes as they plan for their futures.

Seeking advice from professional advisors during estate planning

Taking the time to think about the future is important for residents in Florida and other states across the nation. Individuals and families should take the time to address what will happen to their assets and property upon their deaths. While it is not an easy topic to discuss, it is important these issues are addressed so their estate is not improperly devised in the event of their death.

Don't avoid discussing estate planning with the children

Thinking about one's eventual demise is not something many people in Florida are eager to do. However, when it comes to inheritances it is good for people to both have an estate plan and discuss that plan with their heirs and beneficiaries.

The importance of digital assets in estate planning

For most Florida residents, thinking about mortality is probably not the ideal way to spend an afternoon. However, it is often necessary for anyone hoping to protect the interests of loved ones and provide them with the maximum amount of assets possible following his or her passing. Estate planning forces people to confront issues such as mortality, but it is worth it. The benefits greatly outweigh the slight amount of discomfort involved in dealing with issues involving death.

Estate planning can be about a person's legacy

For many Florida residents, estate planning is traditionally done to protect the interests of family members. Estate planning is a great way to ensure that family members are taken care of in the event of a person's passing. Wills and trusts can be drafted that state, in no uncertain terms, how a person's assets will be distributed and when. This ensures that family members are not left quarrelling in courtrooms during an already difficult time.

Estate planning preserves assets, protects interests

Some Florida residents may feel intimidated by the estate planning process. In many cases, this intimidation can be chocked up to a lack of knowledge regarding the various components involved in estate planning. Oftentimes, after learning of the purposes the various components of estate planning serve, many come to realize not only the benefits of drafting a solid estate plan, but the importance of doing so for both the person planning the estate and their family.

The difference between trusts and wills

Many Florida residents have likely considered estate planning but may be confused as to the specific components involved in an estate plan. They may have a vague idea of what a will is, but they may not know its specific purpose or how it is supposed to be laid out. Oftentimes, when someone is taught how exactly an estate plan works and what purposes the various components serve, they come to realize the importance of estate planning and are less intimidated by the process.

Trust administration could have helped lottery winner

Financial matters can be complicated for many Florida residents who do not have experience with investments, financial planning and tax laws. There are many different ways that people can protect and build their wealth, however, to ensure that it lasts for the future. Trust administration is one way people can preserve current financial stability while also resolving their affairs to prevent conflict after their deaths.

The end of the sequester could bring changes to estate plans

The purpose of estate planning is to preserve assets for future generations, but taxes can throw a wrench in the most carefully laid plans. Florida and federal tax laws change every year, and these changes can have big effects on wills, trusts and other estate planning instruments. It's hard to plan for tax implications with full certainty when these laws can alter things so greatly.