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Estate legal issues arise nearly 20 years after musician's death

Anyone in Polk County who is a fan of blues music has probably heard of Muddy Waters. The legendary musician, who passed away in 1983, had a profound influence on blues music. But Waters' work also spanned across other genres of music, as he performed with other tremendously popular musicians like Mick Jagger. Because of his popularity, which dates all the way back to the 1950s, Waters' music is still commercially distributed today.

The basics of creating a trust in Florida

Some Floridians who live in the Winter Haven area have probably wondered whether it makes sense for them to create a trust for any of their assets. For anyone who does not have experience with trusts, the idea of creating a trust may sound like a complex task. Likewise, the legal requirements for trust administration might seem daunting. However, trusts can be a good financial planning tool, and they are not really that tricky to understand and create.

What are the benefits of a Florida living trust?

Nobody wants to think about or plan for their own death. But, death is inevitable, and like so many other things in life, failing to plan for death leaves too much to chance and can cause difficulties for other people. One of the main topics that people think about when pondering their own death is what will happen with their assets. A little bit of planning now can go a long way to ensure that the decedent's wishes are fulfilled upon their death.

Funding a living trust

A trust can be an important and valuable estate planning tool. It allows people to bypass probate and gives their beneficiaries access to important assets more quickly. In some cases, it can help people limit their tax liability and help keep assets in a family. Depending on the type of trust, they can fulfill many estate planning goals.

Duties of the estate administrator

When Florida residents plan for their deaths, they are ensuring that their family will be taken care of in the future. Through the use of a variety of estate planning tools, people can make their final wishes known. They can plan to distribute assets and minimize tax implications. However, all they can do is plan. An estate administrator is needed to actually carry out the plans laid out in the estate plan.

Understanding different types of trusts

Florida residents have many choices when it comes to estate planning. Depending on their situation, people may want to choose to create a trust. A trust is created by a person and it can survive the person's death. A trustee manages the trust to the benefit of named beneficiaries. The trustmaker names the beneficiaries and picks the trustee. While these basic facts may be well understood, Florida residents may not understand all the different type of trusts that are available to choose from.

Commencing the administration of an estate

Estate planning is a common step residents in Florida will take at some point in their life -- whether they seek to protect existing assets or ensure that their property will pass down to the appropriate beneficiaries. When the time comes to initiate the administration of a will, loved ones might experience some legal issues if the will or other legal documents, such as a trust, were not properly drafted. This is why understanding the estate administration process is crucial because it could avoid pitfalls that could make some or their entire estate plan unenforceable.

Strategies for trust administration to avoid and settle disputes

A common concern for people in Florida is trust administration after they pass away. For people with a vast portfolio, the distribution of assets can be a major worry. Various strategies are used to try and have a handle on how the beneficiaries will receive their pieces of the estate. Using a tactic known as an incentive trust is something that is worthy of consideration if there is the possibility of disputes between the heirs and trustees.

Estate administration begins after Lou Reed's death

Many Florida residents like to feel like they are in control of their lives-and their money. For many people, this desire extends beyond their deaths. Having worked to accumulate money and assets over a lifetime, they want to make sure that it is distributed in the way they intended. Planning for careful estate administration can help achieve these goals and facilitate the process.

Trust administrators file lawsuit against Harvard University

Trusts are some of the most powerful instruments available to Florida residents who wish to provide for their family or a favorite charity after they are gone. A trust can go on for decades of providing for beneficiaries. In cases of charitable trusts, they may even go on indefinitely. However, to carry on as it should, a trust needs capable trust administration from someone who can protect its principal and watch out for its beneficiaries -- even when the two interests don't always align.