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3 mistakes that could make business formation more difficult

Creating a startup company can be a long and difficult journey. Challenges will certainly present themselves to you, and while you may have the ability to deal with many of those difficulties, you could potentially also end up making the situation harder on yourself. Though you may not mean to do so, actions you may think are beneficial could actually end up hurting your company.

When would I need to use a tax attorney?

Many people only think about taxes when their returns are due. Then it may be a scramble to complete the forms and complain about the dissipation of their earnings. Your situation may be different. Running a Florida business, owning property or having an unorthodox source of income may mean taxes are a constant cause for concern. You may find the tax laws for your circumstances are enough for you to handle.

Are you ready to take on the task of estate executor?

Throughout your life, you may have felt as if you did well when it came to taking on necessary responsibilities. Though completing certain tasks may not have been particularly enjoyable, you likely carried them out nonetheless in order to achieve a sense of accomplishment. During these times, you possibly also felt the need to reach out to others in order to obtain the help you needed to ensure that your obligations were completed correctly.

In search of the perfect business partner

While you may have had a dream of owning your own company, you realize now that taking on a partner is in your best interests. Maybe this is because you are struggling, and you need someone who can boost your finances. On the other hand, your Florida business may be booming, and you are looking for someone to share the workload or bring some fresh ideas to the company.

An unplanned estate may mean a long, frustrating probate

You may have been debating with yourself for some time now about whether you need to create an estate plan. Maybe you have already told your children, grandchildren and others what you would like them to do with your Florida home, checking account and personal belongings. If you don't have many assets, you may feel this is good enough.

Is your rental agreement enforceable?

At some point in your life, you may have ended up with residential property that you had no particular use for. This occurrence may have taken place because a relative died and left you a home or because you have a permanent residence and only use a second residence occasionally. As a result, you may have decided that you would like to turn that property into a source of income by renting it out.

Taxes and beneficiary issues could draw out probate process

After a loved one's death, the surviving family may have many tasks to handle. In particular, you as the estate's executor will undoubtedly have numerous responsibilities to which you must attend. If your loved one created a will, you will need to attend to the necessary steps that involve validating that document and settling the estate through the probate process.

The business of choosing the right entity for your business

Starting a business in Florida is an exciting time, but there is much more involved than simply choosing a name and starting to sell products or services. One of the very first and most important steps is deciding which business entity is right for your company based on the nature of your business.

Are you and your children on the same page with your estate plan?

You can probably remember telling your children countless things they didn't hear. Perhaps you taught them to drive safely, advised them to be frugal with money or explained the facts of life. Nevertheless, it may have seemed as though they weren't listening to a word you said. Regardless of your instructions or warnings, they behaved as if you had never spoken.

Your vacation getaway may not be so special to your kids

Perhaps the locals called you a snowbird during the months you stayed in your Florida vacation home, but you didn't mind. You likely sacrificed and saved for the opportunity to purchase that vacation home. Maybe you and your spouse spent more and more time there as you grew older and retired.