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A will is a necessary component of the estate plans of many people in Winter Haven and Lakeland. However, a will by itself may not be sufficient. Many people find that a trust, when used with a will, helps them to preserve and distribute their assets.

Not long ago we described some of the attributes and advantages of living trusts. Unlike a will alone, a living trust can be used to manage assets both during the trust creator's life and after their death. Also, living trusts can be used to distribute assets without their going through probate. Like wills, living trusts can be changed or revoked before death.

Trusts can be established to handle many kinds of special situations. For example, a special needs trust can be set up to assist a beneficiary who is disabled or mentally ill. A life insurance trust can be used to reduce tax liability by receiving and holding life insurance proceeds. A testamentary trust can be established by a will after the death of the testator. Testamentary trusts can be used to protect minor children.

An estate planning attorney can help both with the creation of a trust and with reviewing and updating it periodically as one's circumstances change. The staff at the office of J. Kelly Kennedy, Attorney/CPA helps people protect their assets and pass them to loved ones, charitable institutions and other worthy recipients. We help clients at all asset levels and stages of life with their trust needs. Our website's trusts page has more information on the trust options available and the services we provide.

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