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May 2018 Archives

Don't navigate matters of trusts alone

A will is a necessary component of the estate plans of many people in Winter Haven and Lakeland. However, a will by itself may not be sufficient. Many people find that a trust, when used with a will, helps them to preserve and distribute their assets.

Real estate contracts could help keep transaction terms clear

Contracts are useful documents that can help make a variety of situations more clear. Even simple transactions could benefit from having agreements in place, and creating specific terms are often vital in significant endeavors. If you have plans to purchase a piece of real estate in the near future, you will likely be using a contract.

Do you have an estate plan for your pet?

Humans outlive their pets. It's almost always true. However, pet owners will tell you that they have had several pets over their lifetime, so in theory, couldn't a dog outlive their owner? Sadly, 500,000 pets are euthanized every year due to an unfortunate situation in which there is no-one left to care for them after their owner dies unexpectedly, or suffers a life-changing illness or injury.

What to consider when choosing an executor

One important part of the Florida estate planning process is determining who gets what assets of an estate. Another important part is deciding who will oversee the estate administration process. The person who oversees the administration of an estate is often referred to as an executor. This blog post will describe some things to consider when choosing an executor.

How do you challenge the validity of a will?

Sometimes, not everyone is happy with the terms of a family member's will. People feel they were accidentally left out of a will or that another person prevailed on the testator not to include someone. Emotions can run very high. Can a disappointed party challenge a will in court? There is a process to do this; it is called a will contest. This blog post will describe how will contests work and who can file them.