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Plan for your loved ones' futures in Florida

While it is often explored in art and literature, mortality is not always a favorite topic among regular, work-a-day folks in Florida. Thinking about the outer limits and eventual end of life is dark, often depressing, and usually avoided. An unfortunate consequence of this aversion to considering mortality is a failure to plan for it. Failing to plan for one's eventual death can undermine what you wish for your loved ones and leave them on the hook for taxes and expenses that could otherwise have been avoided.

Occasionally, people do consider creating an estate plan that will distribute their assets to the people they wish and in the proportion they desire. Frequently, though, they think it is something that can be put off until "later." Far too often, "later" comes sooner than expected and loved ones are left without guidance from the deceased. It is then up to Florida law and the probate court to decide how one's assets are distributed.

For these reasons, it is crucial to get started on an estate plan as soon as you can. It can always be modified as your circumstances evolve - higher income, stock windfall, grandchildren - but there's nothing that can be done if you don't get to it in time. No matter how young you are, starting a dialog with an experienced estate planning attorney is a good idea.

Our firm can help you take a look at your assets, your family, your needs and their needs both now and in the future. A carefully-crafted estate plan can help your loved ones avoid unnecessary taxes, as well as unplanned probate and administration costs. Visit the estate planning page on our firm's website to see how we can help you plan for your loved ones' futures.

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