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January 2018 Archives

Trustees have trust administration duties to their beneficiaries

When a Polk County resident decides to put together an estate plan, trusts may enter the picture if they work well with the person's asset situation and estate planning goals. Lots of people associate trusts with pampered rich people, but the reality is that trusts can be key to many people's estate plans. But what exactly is a trust? This blog post will provide a brief introduction to trusts and what they do.

When would I need to use a tax attorney?

Many people only think about taxes when their returns are due. Then it may be a scramble to complete the forms and complain about the dissipation of their earnings. Your situation may be different. Running a Florida business, owning property or having an unorthodox source of income may mean taxes are a constant cause for concern. You may find the tax laws for your circumstances are enough for you to handle.

Our experience and common sense can help with creating a will

When a Florida resident decides to take control of their estate plan, the first order of business very often is drafting a will. A well-written will can be an excellent estate planning tool by itself, and it can provide a firm foundation for trusts and other estate planning tools that a testator may choose to use. A will is a very powerful document, however, and because of this the writer of a will must observe some formalities under Florida law in order for the will to be deemed valid.

Big estate and gift tax changes may affect your estate plan

Winter Haven and Lakeland residents have probably heard of the major federal tax reform legislation enacted late last year. The law includes not only an overhaul of the federal income tax system but also the federal gift and estate tax system as well. This change has big implications for the estate planning of many Floridians. This blog post will provide some basic information about the changes made to the federal tax code and other changes for 2018.

The importance of paternity in intestacy cases

The intestacy laws of Florida are complex and should be discussed with an estate planning attorney. Individuals who choose to read this post are reminded that it is only offered as information and that it contains no legal advice. Specific legal questions should not be answered with the comments offered herein.

Does Florida recognize holographic wills?

A holographic will is one in which the creator of the will composed the document in their own handwriting. Holographic wills may have once served the purpose of allowing individuals to put their testamentary intentions down on paper even if they could not fulfill the formal requirements of executing formal wills. However, in Florida holographic wills are not recognized and all wills, even those written out by their creators, must meet the formal requirements of the state's laws.