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December 2017 Archives

Your estate plan may benefit from a health care proxy

Each year many Florida residents are involved in health crises that place their capacity to make decisions about their care in jeopardy. Whether they are incapacitated through accidents or illnesses, people who lose their ability to make informed decisions about management of their own health can be left at the mercy of medical professionals and their family members to act in accordance with the wishes the individuals are believed to hold.

Are you ready to take on the task of estate executor?

Throughout your life, you may have felt as if you did well when it came to taking on necessary responsibilities. Though completing certain tasks may not have been particularly enjoyable, you likely carried them out nonetheless in order to achieve a sense of accomplishment. During these times, you possibly also felt the need to reach out to others in order to obtain the help you needed to ensure that your obligations were completed correctly.

A durable financial power of attorney: How it works

When a person in Polk County dies, their estate becomes subject to their estate plan. But what happens if a person becomes incapacitated? They are still alive, but they cannot handle their own financial affairs or make other types of decisions for themselves for as long as they are incapacitated. In this case, a durable financial power of attorney may be effective.

What are the Florida rules of intestacy for non-spouses?

Every Florida resident has an estate plan, whether they know it or not. An estate plan can be established by a will and other estate planning documents. In the absence of these, another estate plan comes into effect: Florida's laws of intestate succession. About a month ago, we discussed how these laws provide for a person's spouse if the person dies without a will. This blog post will briefly describe how others are provided for if there is no spouse of if the spouse does not take the entire estate under the laws of intestacy.

What elements must be present in order to create a will?

Folks in Winter Haven know that a will is the primary tool used to dispose of a testator's estate after their death. But how does one create a will? Are there any formalities that have to be done to ensure that a will is recognized as valid? This blog post will describe some elements that must be present in order for a will to be recognized as valid.