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November 2017 Archives

We help Polk County residents with their estate plans

In the minds of many Polk County, Florida, residents, the topic of estate planning brings to mind the task of distributing assets after one's death. This is indeed a very important part of estate planning, but it is not the only part.

In search of the perfect business partner

While you may have had a dream of owning your own company, you realize now that taking on a partner is in your best interests. Maybe this is because you are struggling, and you need someone who can boost your finances. On the other hand, your Florida business may be booming, and you are looking for someone to share the workload or bring some fresh ideas to the company.

End of the year estate planning

With the Thanksgiving holiday here, the end of the year is just around the corner. Besides shopping for holiday gifts, there are other end of the year activities a person in Lakeland may want to accomplish. The end of the year is a good time to revisit an estate plan and make sure it is still in good shape.

What laws of intestacy apply to spouses in Florida?

Estate planning attorneys in Florida for the most part agree: It pays to have an estate plan. Wills and trusts are powerful estate planning tools for people in the Sunshine State. Without a will, a person's estate will be distributed according to Florida's laws of intestacy. These rules may work well for some Floridians; others may not find them to be consistent with their estate planning goals.

Using a living trust for your estate planning

A few months ago, we discussed what trusts are and the various options that are available to those wishing to use a trust for estate planning purposes. How exactly are trusts used for estate planning? And does a trust eliminate the need for a will? This blog post will discuss the mechanics of trusts and estate planning.

An unplanned estate may mean a long, frustrating probate

You may have been debating with yourself for some time now about whether you need to create an estate plan. Maybe you have already told your children, grandchildren and others what you would like them to do with your Florida home, checking account and personal belongings. If you don't have many assets, you may feel this is good enough.

What is an executor and what do they do?

If you are considering making or changing your will, you may have given some thought to who your executor should be. Maybe a friend or relative is making their will and has asked you to be their executor. What exactly is an executor and what do they do? This blog post will provide a brief answer to these questions.