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October 2017 Archives

How we can help with estate administration, elder care planning

We looked last week at a situation familiar to many Winter Haven and Lakeland residents: that of "snow birds," retirees and elder folks who live in Florida during the winter and move to northern states during the summer months. As we noted, questions of residency may arise when a snow bird passes away and may have serious tax implications if not anticipated. That's not too hard to understand, so our readers may wonder why bother enlisting a legal professional to assist with estate administration on behalf of their elder family members at all?

Inheritance tax basics for part-time Florida residents

With autumn here and winter hard on its heels, many retirees will be making their way back to Winter Haven, Lakeland, and other communities throughout Florida. These snow birds who spend the summer months in northern states and then fly south to Florida for the winter truly do enjoy the best of both worlds in many ways. However, it's important to give due consideration to which state is one's legal residence, as the laws of that state will affect one's estate and assets.

Follow Hugh Hefner on estate planning

A Florida attorney can provide beneficial advice on estate planning. Hugh Hefner, with the assistance of his lawyers, provides an example of sound planning. Its strengths are impressive given Hefner's divorces and the economic and readership decline of Playboy magazine.

Is your rental agreement enforceable?

At some point in your life, you may have ended up with residential property that you had no particular use for. This occurrence may have taken place because a relative died and left you a home or because you have a permanent residence and only use a second residence occasionally. As a result, you may have decided that you would like to turn that property into a source of income by renting it out.

The pros and cons of a joint will

Depending on their needs and assets, couples in Lakeland have a number of estate planning options open to them. Wills, trusts and health care directives are all possible options, and an estate planning attorney can work with a couple to set up a robust estate plan. This blog post will discuss one possible option: a joint will.