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July 2017 Archives

The importance of a valid will

Wills are an important part of an effective Florida estate plan. A validly executed will identifies who will inherit the estate planner's assets. Beneficiaries named in a will may include spouses, children, grandchildren, a charitable organization or others.

What documents do I need for an effective estate plan?

Effective estate planning can provide peace of mind and avoid family conflicts. The right estate planning documents and having an effective estate plan protects the estate planner, the estate planner's family and the estate planner's assets so it is important to be familiar with what estate planning documents are needed. The appropriate estate planning documents can also reduce stress and strife for families during difficult times.

Planning for the pets

Florida estate planning should include care of an important family member. Will or trusts may address the testator's wishes for the family pet. Trusted caregivers who are familiar with the pets should be identified in the will. The executor usually has the power to select another caregiver if something happens to the primary caregiver.

How to revoke a prior Will in Florida

When people in Florida pass away they cannot take their possessions with them. Therefore, there are laws in place stating who will receive their possessions after they pass away. However, individuals may want to ensure that certain people receive certain possessions and assets, which may be different from where they would go according to the law. That is why it is very important to draft the appropriate documents to ensure that assets go to where the individual wants them to go.

Are you and your children on the same page with your estate plan?

You can probably remember telling your children countless things they didn't hear. Perhaps you taught them to drive safely, advised them to be frugal with money or explained the facts of life. Nevertheless, it may have seemed as though they weren't listening to a word you said. Regardless of your instructions or warnings, they behaved as if you had never spoken.