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Name an executor to your amassed estate

There are endless reasons one may potentially like to set up an estate plan. Whether to benefit while you are alive or after you have passed away, estate plans are helpful to ensuring one's assets stay on track with one's financial goals. Once wealth has been amassed, it is important to manage it responsibly to ensure that it is maintained at a steady rate of growth.

Estate administration can help with that goal. Many wonder what kind of specific goals can an estate administration plan help to achieve? Tax responsibilities of assets can turn to confusion quickly for both the owner of an estate and the eventual heirs. Avoiding probate is a top reason that Lakeland residents opt for an estate plan. Naming an executor to your estate can avoid any future confusion that can come with asset distribution or tax obligations.

While being named an executor of an estate is a both a huge honor and a huge responsibility. An executor is the person, who is often solely responsible, for ensuring that a person's will is managed correctly and according to plan. Naturally, obstacles could come up that can impede this process. Thus, it is the executor's job to ensure that the goals and wishes of the estate are carried out. This is why it is important to choose an executor of a estate very carefully.

At J. Kelly Kennedy Attorney/CPA PLLC, we take this process seriously every step of the way. Unnecessary probate can occur if an estate is not managed properly during the estate administration process. Probate can cost an estate money and time and can be an unnecessary hassle. Naming a competent executor can help to avoid these type of pitfalls.

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