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Preparing a DIY will is not always a family's best option

Thinking about life after oneself can be a heavy and unimaginable idea. The thought of leaving everyone you love in this world is most people's worst nightmare. However, the reality is that we all leave this world at some point in time. Preparing yourself, your family and even your business for that day can be the best thing a person can do for themselves and their loved ones.

The internet has allowed people to make their lives better in that it is a resource to improve just about every facet of a person's life. One such idea that has cropped up online is the ability to prepare a will online. While this sounds like a great idea in theory, it really isn't in a person or a family's best interest to prepare a will in this way. This is because no two wills are alike in that wills address specific concerns, assets and future goals of the family it is drafted to protect.

Only a licensed professional can help a family draft and prepare a will to the best ability. At J Kelly Kennedy Attorney/CPA PLLC, we have immense experience in tailoring wills to fit the needs of a family both presently and for future needs that may arise after the passing of a loved one. Without a will in place, a person's assets and wishes may be allocated in a way that is not favorable for them or a loved one. Wills ensure that a person's assets and wishes are managed in a way that is favorable for them, loved ones and is drafted within the scope of Florida law.

After you have passed away, it is already a difficult time for loved ones and friends. Ensure that the financial aspects and the paperwork has already been taken care of for them by preparing a will or estate plan that addresses issues that will come up when the time comes. It can give the preparer and their family the peace of mind they have been searching for. Protecting your family, even after your gone, is a reality with a will or estate plan.

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