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We can help personal representatives from out of state

Since Florida is a state where elderly people often come to retire, it is likely not a surprise that many residents of Polk County have wills and other estate planning documents which assume an out-of-state relative, perhaps a loved one from back home, will serve as personal representative following the Florida retiree's death.

Even if it is ultimately the best decision to nominate an out-of-state relative, there is no question this arrangement presents some difficulties, particularly for the personal representative. For example, the personal representative might find it hard to handle from long distance even the routine legal issues and financial issues that go along with the probate process, a process which takes place before Florida's courts.

As part of its estate practice, our law office has considerable experience helping personal representatives from out of state perform their legal duties correctly and efficiently, and, insofar as possible, with minimal stress. We are often able to meet face-to-face once with a personal representative whom, in our experience is generally already planning to travel to Florida to say goodbye to his or her loved one and wrap up their affairs. While there is no guarantee, for most estates, all other business between our office and the personal representative can be conducted long distance.

Of course, we help personal representatives who live in the Polk County area as well. No matter how far a personal representative is travelling to see us, we work hard to make sure the probate process goes smoothly both for them and the estate they represent.

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