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We can help handle an estate's tax responsibilities

Estate administration in Florida can be a complicated process that involves many different steps and processes. For example, a personal representative in Florida is going to have some tax responsibilities. At a minimum, this is going to mean correctly preparing and filing some tax returns, at least to the federal government.

Moreover, if there is a problem or complication with taxes, or if the taxing authorities get involved, then the personal representative will be the one expected to deal with the issue. Fortunately, for personal representatives and other people involved in the probate process, legal help is available with respect to tax issues.

Our legal professionals, one of whom is also a Certified Public Accountant, understand both the legal and financial implications of the many tax issues a grieving family, and particularly a personal representative, might face. Indeed, our attorney has over 25 years' legal experience and over 30 years' accounting experience with tax-related issues.

The tax services our Winter Haven office can afford are many and varied. We can help an estate prepare and file whatever returns it needs so as to comply with the applicable law. For most estates, this will include a federal income tax return and, for some estates, this may include an estate tax return. We also can help people identify and put in to practice steps to save on taxes.

Finally, if an estate does have the misfortune of running in to trouble with a taxing authority, we can offer representation both during an audit and, if necessary, in ensuing litigation before a tax court or even federal court.

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