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What type of estate planning fits you best?

From time to time, it would be helpful if we could read others' minds. While close family members and friends may feel like they can do this on occasion, it is difficult to always know what others want, particularly if there has been a lack of communication about the issue at hand.

This can pose a real problem for Florida residents who have lost a loved one. Even the closest of spouses, family members or friends may have serious disagreements about what the deceased person would have wanted to happen with his or her estate matters. These disagreements can make worse an already emotional time, and lead to significant family disputes.

Accordingly, it is vital that Florida residents engage in proper estate planning to make their wishes known to others and avoid these kind of disputes. As discussed recently in this blog, there are many different tools individuals can use to set up their estate plan.

For instance, a revocable trust can allow a person's assets to avoid probate, while obtaining certain tax advantages. A revocable trust might not be right for everyone, however, as the effectiveness of each estate planning document will depend on the circumstances of a person's estate.

Our firm recognizes not only the importance of proper estate planning, but the need to tailor a person's estate plan to his or her individual circumstances. We work closely with our clients to understand their circumstances and their wishes, and we can then help put in place an effective estate plan that will put those wishes into effect. For more information about our firm's ability to help with crafting an estate plan, please visit our estate planning webpage.

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