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As people get older and accumulate assets, the future of their estate may become a more pressing concern that they want to think about. This is especially true when a person has children or other beneficiaries to whom they wish to distribute their assets upon death. For some people in Winter Haven and Lakeland, this may mean setting up a revocable trust as one of the focal points of their estate plan.

A revocable trust allows a person to deposit their assets in the trust with the ability to control the trust assets while they are alive. When the creator of the trust passes away, the assets then pass from the trust to its beneficiaries.

One of the big advantages of a revocable trust is that it can help a person pass down their assets upon death without the need for probate. Avoiding probate can save the estate, and, ultimately, the beneficiaries, time and money. Using trusts to distribute assets can also help a family maintain their privacy because unlike probate, trust administration is not a public process that unfolds through the court system.

Attorney and CPA J. Kelly Kennedy assists people in Florida with all of their trust administration needs, including setting up revocable trusts and other types of trust instruments. Likewise, our law firm advises trustees and executors and helps ensure that a decedent's estate gets administered properly under Florida law.

Our website has some helpful information on a variety of legal topics, including estate and trust administration. Whether a person needs help with trusts and other estate planning tools, or they need advice and direction on unwinding an estate, J. Kelly Kennedy provide assistance.

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