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October 2016 Archives

Selecting your power of attorney

Selecting a power of attorney (POA) is one of the most personal and important decisions you will make. This decision should be made very thoughtfully and with extreme care. Key factors in the process of choosing someone should include trust, competency and an overall understanding that this person will be acting in your best interests (not their own). It is okay to choose someone whose opinions differ from yours so long as they understand that they are not acting on behalf of their own life, they are acting on behalf of yours. The phrase "putting yourself in someone else's shoes," directly applies here.

One size does not fit all when it comes to estate planning

When Florida residents have an important goal they set out to accomplish, it often takes more than one step to accomplish the goal. Often times, however, individuals might not even know about these other steps, which is frequently the case when people encounter the legal system.

Which kinds of life circumstances warrant preparing a will?

Thinking about death is never fun, and most people probably don't like to discuss issues that involve other people dying, let alone having discussions about their own death. At some point, however, everyone must face their own immortality. Preparing a will is one of the things that usually goes hand-in-hand with the realization that no one lives forever. But what are the different life circumstances that warrant executing a will?

A living will is an important part of an overall estate plan

An important part of any effective estate plan that is sometimes overlooked is the need for a living will. There are many important aspects of an effective estate plan to consider when contemplating estate planning in general, including a properly executed will, a trust if needed and a living will or advance healthcare directive which are sometimes also referred to as healthcare surrogates.