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As life changes, estate planning documents may need modification

People in the Lakeland and Winter Haven area who want to preserve the wealth that they have accumulated during their lifetime should not wait to set up an estate plan. This is especially important when an individual has children or other loved ones to whom they want to leave their assets after they pass away. Of course, even the most thorough estate plan may need to be revisited over time.

As time goes on, a person's life circumstances can change. For example, an individual might have more children than they originally anticipated, or they might end up getting divorced and then re-married. Furthermore, a person could start a business or come into substantial assets that they did not expect. All of these situations are instances where it might make sense for a person to reconsider their existing estate plan.

J. Kelly Kennedy is an attorney and Certified Public Accountant whose firm, for decades, has helped people with all aspects of their estate planning needs, including modifying those plans. As a person's life changes, their estate complexities can also change, making it necessary to update an existing estate plan.

Our firm handles these situations, and we can help clients re-assess their goals and needs for their estate throughout their life. In some cases, this may mean establishing trusts to help minimize the estate's tax responsibilities. On the other hand, prudent estate administration and planning could be as simple as updating a will to include or exclude an heir.

The website for our Florida law practice has some helpful information about various areas of probate and estate and administration. It also has more background information about J. Kelly Kennedy, and how he can help with any legal needs regarding a person's estate.

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