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August 2016 Archives

Can uneven inheritances among children be fair?

Some parents in Polk County have spent a substantial amount of time thinking about how they will distribute the assets that they have accumulated during their lifetime once they pass away. Most of these parents have likely want their children to inherit at least some of their estate and assets. But when parents have more than one child, they may consider whether it is fair to split their assets unevenly amongst their children.

Even a simple estate can involve estate administration questions

The idea of administering an estate may seem straightforward enough. When a person dies, their personal representative, or executor, accounts for all of the assets, satisfies any outstanding debts and then distributes the remaining assets to the decedent's beneficiaries. While that is the basic idea of estate administration, various estate complexities can make the process much more involved and very demanding for the executor.

Ways to transfer a house to beneficiaries

For many people in Winter Haven and Lakeland, their house is one of their most valuable assets. Because a house can have substantial monetary value, as well as a great deal of sentimental value, some people aim to keep their house in the family by passing it down to their children.

What are the requirements for creating a valid will in Florida?

A person who creates a will is known in Florida as the testator. A will is a testamentary device that provides directions as to how the testator's property should be distributed after he or she dies. In the event the testator has small children he or she may also nominate a guardian for their care should the testator die before the kids reach the age of majority. In order for a will to be enforceable upon the testator's death it must be properly executed. A will that is not properly executed can be set aside by the probate court.