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Inheritances don't have to be left to chance in Florida

Throughout life, a person may acquire a variety of assets that they wish to pass down to family members in the future. Real property, like a family vacation home, is one example of an asset that can pass from generation to generation.

Of course no substantial asset, whether it is a home, an investment account or even an expensive piece of jewelry, should be unaccounted for when it comes to estate planning for inheritances. In other words, people who want to pass their assets to other people after their own death should make clear plans for all of their assets, not just the biggest and most obvious ones.

J. Kelly Kennedy is a Florida attorney who is dedicated to helping people in the Polk County area realize all of their goals when it comes to the disposition of their assets after death. Our firm has dealt with all manner of legal issues involving inheritances and other estate matters. Like anything else in life that involves money, a person's estate can lead to bitter disagreements. Thus, we know the importance of drafting and executing thorough and legally binding documents that will govern the distribution of a person's assets after their death.

Inheritances can be a touchy subject for everyone involved. But it can be immensely helpful to discuss these things and have a viable plan in place. Our firm's website has more information about Florida law as it relates to inheritances, and how we can help people through all phases of the legal process.

Many facets of life involve some degree of chance, including how and when a person will die. However, a person can fully control how their estate will be distributed, and J. Kelly Kennedy can help with every legal step along the way.

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