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Trust instruments are valuable estate planning tools

variety of different purposes and, like other estate planning tools, a trust instrument is not something that can only help those people who have a vast amount of assets and wealth. To the contrary, trusts can serve important functions for just about anybody who has assets that they would like to pass down to family members or other beneficiaries.

Parents in the Polk County area who have minor children, for example, probably want to ensure that their children have sufficient financial resources should something tragic happen to the parents.But, in the case of minor children, the parents would not just want to leave their house, bank accounts and other assets for their minor children to have without any guidance or supervision. By planning with trusts, the parents can protect their minor children by leaving them assets, but also having a trustee help the children to appropriately use the assets.

For decades, attorney J. Kelly Kennedy has helped Florida residents with all aspects of estate planning, including trust administration. In addition, his training and experience as a Certified Public Accountant distinguishes J. Kelly Kennedy as an attorney who fully understands how to use trusts to reduce a person’s tax exposure when it comes to distributing their assets.

Our firm’s website has information about the probate and estate administration services that we offer. Furthermore, the website can be a starting resource for anyone who is looking for help with legal issues related to an estate.

People who want to pass down their assets in an efficient and sensible manner should understand all of the legal options, including using trust instruments, that can help them achieve this goal.

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