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May 2016 Archives

Trust instruments are valuable estate planning tools

variety of different purposes and, like other estate planning tools, a trust instrument is not something that can only help those people who have a vast amount of assets and wealth. To the contrary, trusts can serve important functions for just about anybody who has assets that they would like to pass down to family members or other beneficiaries.

What percentage of Americans don't have a will?

Most people in the Lakeland area have probably heard the news that music icon, Prince Rogers Nelson, recently passed away. Prince was such an enormously famous star that his death transcended the music world and became mainstream news. So many interesting details will no doubt emerge as people examine Prince's life and his body of work.

Florida court weighs merits of competing wills

Florida is a melting pot of people who have moved to areas like Polk County from other countries throughout the world. But, this does not necessarily mean that these people give up all of their ties to their birth country. A recent case that a Florida appellate court decided illustrates the legal complexities that can arise when a foreigner living in the U.S. maintains property interests here and in their birth country.