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The importance of choosing the right executor

A person in the Winter Haven and Lakeland area who is putting together their estate plan must consider many different facts and circumstances. Not only does that person need to figure out exactly how they want to distribute their assets, but they must also ensure that their plan is sound under Florida law. Likewise, one of the most important decisions that the person will need to make is to choose a personal representative who will execute their estate plan when the person dies.

The personal representative, also known as the executor, is responsible for overseeing the distribution of assets from the estate. That person must also ensure that the estate satisfies any outstanding debts the decedent may have had at the time of their death.

Because the executor has so many crucial responsibilities related to the disposition of an estate, people who are crafting their estate plan should be very careful about choosing the right person. A sensible choice for an executor is someone who is healthy and young enough to outlive the person whose estate is at issue. Furthermore, the executor should be someone who has good common sense and can sort through the many details that an estate can involve.

Perhaps the most important quality that a good executor will have is that they will know when to defer to the help of an experienced probate and estate administration attorney. Under Florida law, the executor of the estate must get the help of an attorney when it comes time to handle the distribution of the estate. Attorney J. Kelly Kennedy has decades of experience in dealing with estate administration and handling all legal aspects of the probate process.

Our firm's website includes helpful information for people who need some initial information about dealing with estate issues. Whether a client has a modest or a large estate, J. Kelly Kennedy can help tailor a plan suitable to their needs.

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