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Wills should be thorough but concise

If a person dies without having a will, a probate court will dispose of that person's estate according to the default rules of intestate succession under Florida law. This kind of asset distribution might be agreeable to some people. However, for most people in Winter Haven who have worked to accumulate assets, they likely have their own wishes for what they want to happen to their assets when they die. This is where a will comes into play.

A will is an essential component of an estate plan, and it is important that the will precisely lays out a person's wishes. Although a will does not necessarily have to be filled with complicated legal terms, it must be clear and concise. An unambiguous will not only makes it easier for a court to apply the will's provisions, but also discourages heirs from getting into legal battles over the will's asset distribution mechanisms.

At J. Kelly Kennedy, we have been helping people with their wills for over 30 years. We know how to create a will that thoroughly addresses a person's wishes for the distribution of all of their assets.

Although the particular language of a will is important, so too is the will execution process. Even an expertly drafted will is of no use if it is not properly executed in a way that will make it legally binding under Florida law. Our firm pays attention to all of these vital details of crafting and executing a legally enforceable will.

Our website has some helpful information about wills and our experience in all areas of probate and estate administration. Regardless of whether a person's estate requires the simplest of wills or the most complicated, J. Kelly Kennedy can work with the person to ensure that their will is legally effective and that it accomplishes their goals. Likewise, we can update a person's will as their life circumstances change and thus necessitate changes to the will.

A will is an important planning tool for anyone with assets. But, the will must be comprehensive and precise, and it must be executed properly in accordance with Florida law.

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