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Estate planning should not be left to chance

Nobody in Florida has a crystal ball that allows them to see into the future and know exactly how the circumstances of their life will unfold. Likewise, most people cannot predict, with any certainty, how and when they will die. Thus, many people understand that it is important for them to set up a plan for the disposal of their estate, while they are alive and well, rather than waiting until it is too late.

Anyone in the Polk County area who has amassed assets during the course of their life may have ideas for what they want to happen to those assets when they die. One way to ensure that these wishes come to fruition is to set up an estate plan that includes all of the necessary legal instruments to effectuate that plan.

Our Winter Haven-based law firm has represented clients throughout the estate planning process. For more than 30 years now, J. Kelly Kennedy has been a practicing attorney and certified public accountant, and has devoted his career to helping people achieve their estate planning goals. Whether a person needs help setting up a revocable trust, power of attorney or has more complicated estate planning needs, our firm can help.

The website for our Florida law firm includes some helpful background materials about many topics that are involved in estate planning. The site is a good source for more information on why an estate plan is important, even for people who have smaller estates that may include only a family home and some savings. Whether a person needs a simple or complex estate plans, it is important that they seek the help they need to develop a plan that meets their needs

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