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A valid will can save everyone time and money

Preparing a will is probably not something that most people think about on a daily basis. Even people who have substantial assets are likely more consumed with living everyday life than with preparing for what will happen after their death. Unfortunately, however, nobody has a crystal ball and can say with certainty when their life will end. Hence, it is rarely too early for a person to start planning ahead when it comes to their estate. They can always amend their will down the road as life circumstances change.

Under Florida law, if a person dies without a valid will, which is known as dying intestate, a probate court will apply the state's default rules and distribute the deceased person's assets accordingly. While these default rules are aimed at dividing and distributing the estate's assets amongst close family members, the rules are rigid and have little room to accommodate the particular circumstances of each estate.

The other problem with intestate estates is that they can require more time for the probate court to actually distribute the estate's assets upon the person's death. Whereas a will instructs the administrator exactly how to divvy up the assets, the absence of a will means that the court must do all the work of figuring out the proper legal method of dividing the assets.

At J. Kelly Kennedy, we strive to help all of our clients in the Polk County area set up their will and other estate planning documents so that they can rest assured that their estate will be passed down exactly in accordance with their wishes. We understand that not everyone is excited about the prospect of putting together a will. But without one, the beneficiaries of the person's estate will spend time and money dealing with the intestate estate in probate court.

Our firm's website contains additional information about wills, the importance of proper will execution and a variety of other topics involving the legal aspects of estate planning. Life is full of uncertainties; it is never too early to start planning.

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