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October 2015 Archives

Animal organizations battle family over inheritance

When people think about estate planning and distributing their assets in the future, they typically consider leaving their estate to other people. Usually those people who would inherit the assets would be children, other family members or maybe even close friends. But not everyone chooses to leave their estate to people. Some people have favorite charitable causes to which they choose to contribute their assets upon their death.

Planning can help avoid mistakes when choosing beneficiaries

Setting up a will, trust or any other estate planning instrument involves a variety of legal nuances and technicalities. But most of all, when people in Polk County are trying to plan for the distribution of their assets, they should have some kind of overall idea of their particular goals. A probate and estate administration attorney can then help the person put their goals on paper and set up the necessary trust instruments or other legal vehicles to carry out those goals.

How can art fit into an estate plan?

Like people all throughout the world, some Polk County residents have paintings, sculptures or other artwork that can have special meaning to them and their family. In addition, some of these collections can become quite valuable over time, even if the artists may not have been well-known at the time of purchase.

The importance of a living will in Florida

Most adults in the Winter Haven area probably know what a will is and how it is supposed to function. The will is a central component to most estate plans because it lays out a person's wishes for the distribution of his or her assets upon death. However, a will can serve other important functions that have nothing to do with a person's assets.

How does Florida's homestead law affect inheritance rights?

People in the United States have a long history and tradition of promoting home ownership. For many people, owning a home is a cornerstone of the American dream. Accordingly, Florida, and other states in the country, have laws to help protect people from losing their homes due to economic struggles.