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Don't wait to prepare a will; the future is almost never certain

People in the Winter Haven area, over the entirety of their lifetime, are likely to accumulate some amount of assets that they want to pass down to their loved ones. The purpose of a will is to ensure that upon the person's death, their assets get passed down to surviving family members or other people, according to the deceased person's wishes.

If a person dies without a will, Florida law provides that their assets become intestate. This results in the state distributing the person's assets, based on different rules depending on the composition of the deceased person's surviving family.

One of the problems with dying intestate is that state law provides for a mechanical distribution of the assets. This means that the distribution is based on pre-determined formulas that don't account for individual circumstances. The state's distribution scheme can also result in the person's heirs facing tax consequences that could have been minimized through estate planning.

At J. Kelly Kennedy, we know that nobody wants to face their own mortality. Talking about death and preparing a will is not something that most people are anxious to do. But, the will can be a critical component of some estate plans. A will not only can help to secure the heirs' financial interests, but it can also prevent legal battles amongst family members, as well as other negative consequences for surviving loved ones.

Our Polk County law firm knows how to help people create a will that helps them achieve their goals for asset protection and distribution. We can also help a person update their will based on changing life circumstances.

Very few people know with any certainty when their death will occur. Likewise, incapacitation due to injury or illness can suddenly and unexpectedly prevent a person from putting together a solid will. Accordingly, creating a will isn't something that a person should continually put off.

Our website contains a variety of helpful information about will administration and estate planning in general. Polk County residents shouldn't wait until it's too late to start thinking about these important issues.

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