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Make the most from an estate plan

When people think about estate planning, images of the old or the infirm might come to mind. Some Florida residents may think that estate planning just isn't necessary if they don't fit in one of these categories. Other people may think that they have plenty of time to put their affairs in order and push it off. However, estate planning is not just for the elderly and the sick -- everyone should have a comprehensive estate plan to protect their loved ones.

No matter a person's age, health or number of assets, planning for the future is important. No one knows exactly when they are going to pass away, so planning for death is necessary. Without an estate plan, a person's assets will have to go through probate court. This can cost valuable time and money for a person's loved ones. It can also result in family disputes that end in bitterness and hurt feelings.

Estate planning, however, does more than protect a person's family; it can protect a person's assets. By using the right estate planning tools and strategies, people may be able to minimize the amount of assets that are lost at death. These losses can be from a person's creditors or from taxes. Estate planning may minimize the losses and maximize the amount of assets available for heirs.

The right attorney is very important during this process. The attorneys at our firm are well versed in estate planning issues. Not only do we understand the legal process, our accountants can also maximize the value of people's estate. We listen to the goals our clients have and put them into action.

For more information on estate planning and how it can help people protect their assets and their families, please see our estate planning webpage.

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