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April 2015 Archives

Estate legal issues arise nearly 20 years after musician's death

Anyone in Polk County who is a fan of blues music has probably heard of Muddy Waters. The legendary musician, who passed away in 1983, had a profound influence on blues music. But Waters' work also spanned across other genres of music, as he performed with other tremendously popular musicians like Mick Jagger. Because of his popularity, which dates all the way back to the 1950s, Waters' music is still commercially distributed today.

The basics of creating a trust in Florida

Some Floridians who live in the Winter Haven area have probably wondered whether it makes sense for them to create a trust for any of their assets. For anyone who does not have experience with trusts, the idea of creating a trust may sound like a complex task. Likewise, the legal requirements for trust administration might seem daunting. However, trusts can be a good financial planning tool, and they are not really that tricky to understand and create.

What happens when a Florida resident dies without a will?

Anyone in the Lakeland area who has a substantial amount of assets has probably considered what will happen with his or her estate when he or she dies. Executing a will is the most conventional way for a person in this position to determine how any assets will be distributed upon his or her death.

We can help protect your Florida family against will contests

Last month, this Florida blog discussed a dispute about the estate of the late Hall of Fame baseball player, Ernie Banks. In his last will, Banks left all of his assets to his caretaker. His surviving children are challenging Banks's final will, arguing that his caretaker improperly influenced his decision to leave her all of his assets. Regardless of the outcome, this case can serve as a good lesson for other Floridians who want to protect their families from similar problems in the future.

Power of attorney as an estate administration tool

Few people can live out their last years of life without needing some kind of assistance. As people age, they need more and more help from their loved ones and others around them. For people who have amassed a substantial estate during their lifetimes, this may include the need for help managing that estate as they get older. Other elderly people need help when it comes to making important decisions about their health and treatment.