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March 2015 Archives

A different take on estate planning

Few people relish the idea of dealing with their own mortality. On the other hand, planning ahead can help make the end of a person's life less stressful for them and for their family members. An estate plan can cover a person's wishes for a variety of situations, including the person's healthcare decisions, should they become incapacitated. Furthermore, most people think of an estate plan as a way to distribute their assets, upon their death, to the people that they care about.

What are the benefits of a Florida living trust?

Nobody wants to think about or plan for their own death. But, death is inevitable, and like so many other things in life, failing to plan for death leaves too much to chance and can cause difficulties for other people. One of the main topics that people think about when pondering their own death is what will happen with their assets. A little bit of planning now can go a long way to ensure that the decedent's wishes are fulfilled upon their death.

Some Lakeland residents may be subject to inheritance tax

April 15 is quickly approaching, and many people in the Lakeland area are undoubtedly scurrying to prepare their personal income taxes by that date. For some individuals, this could mean dealing with inheritance tax. Although most filers will never have to worry about inheritance taxes, the people who do should at least understand the basics of how it works.

Family of baseball player to contest will

A person's will is very important. A will explains how a person wants the person's assets to be distributed after the individual has passed away. In many cases, a will is just one aspect people's estate plans. However, it is often heavily relied on to determine a person's last wishes. Family members look to a will to understand how much of an inheritance they will get and how to settle any other outstanding issues with the estate.