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February 2015 Archives

What is summary administration of an estate?

When a loved one dies, the remaining family is often left to deal with the person's estate. The estate can include a variety of assets including a person's personal property, real estate and investments. It will also include any income and any debt a person had. In some cases, people leave an estate plan in order to explain how the estate should be distributed. The distribution of assets can also occur according to state laws if no estate plan was left.

An out-of-date will can ruin your estate plan

In a recent article, this blog stressed the importance of updating a will following major life events. These included the birth of child, a death in the family or a divorce. These events are often watershed moments in a person's life that change a person's wishes and desires. A change in the number or value of a person's assets can also have the same effect. Therefore, an updated estate plan is a must.

The importance of updating a will

An estate plan is an important set of legal documents for many Florida residents. It likely contains a will and other estate planning documents that set out a person's final wishes. While these documents are not needed until a person's death, Florida residents should avoid the temptation to just file them away and forget about them.

What are the benefits of a special needs trust?

When people plan for their futures, they don't often think about their own death. However, it is important to for you to consider how you will divide your assets once you have passed on. Florida residents want to make sure there is money to help take care of their family members. In particular, people may be worried about their family members with special needs.