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January 2015 Archives

Dog set to inherit millions

As people accumulate wealth in their lifetimes, they are able to spend it however they see fit. But, people obviously cannot take this wealth with them when they pass. Therefore, people need to create a plan to deal with their assets following their death. For many people, their estate plan includes giving an inheritance to their children, grandchildren and other loved ones.

What happens to inheritances when going through a divorce?

Estate plans are important for Florida residents as they plan for their future. Estate plans help people make their intentions clear when it comes to how they want to divide their property following their death. These plans often divide property between a person's spouse, children and grandchildren. It is meant to help a person's family after the person has passed. These estate plans can give inheritances that include real estate, cash, life insurance policies and other assets to a person's heirs.

What is a healthcare surrogate?

Under Florida law, there are many ways to protect yourself in case of a medical emergency. While people may think that doctors are able to make important decisions, often the patients have the final say over medical care and treatment. If patients are not able to make these decisions, there can be questions about how an individual would like to be treated in any given case. In order to alleviate any potential questions, people are encouraged to create a comprehensive healthcare strategy as part of their advanced estate planning.

What is a revocable trust in Florida?

It can be strange to think about planning for an emergency or for a time when you will no longer be with your loved ones. However it is in your loved one's best interests if a will or revocable trust is organized and in place before a person's death. One may ask, what is a revocable trust? And how is it regulated under trust administration in the state of Florida?