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Don't underestimate the importance of a solidly drafted will

Most people work their entire lives to provide for their families. People want to give them the very best -- whether that is the best housing, best education or best experiences. While it is possible for people to make arrangements for their family's wellbeing when they are alive, this obviously becomes more difficult after people pass. However, with the right planning, it is not impossible to provide for your family after your death. There are many estate planning tools that can help ensure that your family receives the very best for years to come.

In particular, a will can be an important part of your estate plans. In a will, people can protect their family by distributing property and clearly expressing their wishes.

In order for a will to do its job, though, it must be properly executed. An oral will, for example, may not be able to withstand challenges and your wishes will not be carried out following your death. Without proper will execution, family members can struggle with will contests and be stuck in probate court for years after your death. This can lead to family struggles and emotional distress for many of your loved ones. If your will is invalidated, your estate will be intestate and subject to Florida's laws. You will no longer have any say over how property is protected or distributed.

Our law firm understands how important it is that your will is properly executed. We have more than 30 years of experience working with Florida families. We understand the financial and emotional aspects to creating a will and can help people reach their long-term and short-term estate planning goals.

Beyond this, we can help you draft solid estate planning documents so that there is no ambiguity about their meaning or legitimacy. Unlike do-it-yourself forms or standardized documents, our attorneys can make sure you follow every necessary step in executing your will and estate plan to fit your needs.

For more information on drafting a will and other estate planning issues, please see our website.

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