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October 2014 Archives

Ensuring inheritances pass to loved ones properly

For residents in Florida, there are several reasons why it is important to draft an estate plan. Our law firm understands that it can be challenging to think about death and how their assets will be treated in the event of their death, but it is important to think about inheritances. Drafting a will or a trust could help ensure that their property and assets are properly passed to their loved ones in the manner they choose. Furthermore, it could provide rights to their beneficiaries after their death.

Commencing the administration of an estate

Estate planning is a common step residents in Florida will take at some point in their life -- whether they seek to protect existing assets or ensure that their property will pass down to the appropriate beneficiaries. When the time comes to initiate the administration of a will, loved ones might experience some legal issues if the will or other legal documents, such as a trust, were not properly drafted. This is why understanding the estate administration process is crucial because it could avoid pitfalls that could make some or their entire estate plan unenforceable.

Seeking advice from professional advisors during estate planning

Taking the time to think about the future is important for residents in Florida and other states across the nation. Individuals and families should take the time to address what will happen to their assets and property upon their deaths. While it is not an easy topic to discuss, it is important these issues are addressed so their estate is not improperly devised in the event of their death.

Overview of the will drafting process and will execution

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to have the details of one's life documented in some form or way. When it comes to drafting a will or an estate plan, some individuals seek to include many items. Our firm understands that Florida residents not only seek to protect assets but also want to address other pressing issues when they draft a will. For many, wills are not only a way to ensure that their property and assets pass to their descendants upon their death, but also address what will occur if they are incapacitated. Individuals seek to accomplish much when they draft a will, which makes will execution very important.