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May 2014 Archives

The importance of digital assets in estate planning

For most Florida residents, thinking about mortality is probably not the ideal way to spend an afternoon. However, it is often necessary for anyone hoping to protect the interests of loved ones and provide them with the maximum amount of assets possible following his or her passing. Estate planning forces people to confront issues such as mortality, but it is worth it. The benefits greatly outweigh the slight amount of discomfort involved in dealing with issues involving death.

Commonly shared estate planning goals of married couples

Estate planning serves a vital function for most Florida residents and married couples are no exception. Just like everyone else, married couples usually have certain goals in mind when it comes to estate planning. Though it may sometimes seem as though these goals greatly vary from couple to couple, when they are boiled down to their essences there are usually just a few basic estate planning objectives that are shared by most couples. Having a clear understanding of these objectives can be of great aid when structuring an estate plan.

Estate planning can benefit everyone, not only the wealthy

There is a persistent estate planning myth that Florida residents may have heard. Some believe that estate planning is only necessary for the very wealthy -- that is, those with large amounts of assets. However, estate planning can serve many valuable purposes for almost any person, regardless of the amount of assets he or she may have.

Estate planning can be about a person's legacy

For many Florida residents, estate planning is traditionally done to protect the interests of family members. Estate planning is a great way to ensure that family members are taken care of in the event of a person's passing. Wills and trusts can be drafted that state, in no uncertain terms, how a person's assets will be distributed and when. This ensures that family members are not left quarrelling in courtrooms during an already difficult time.