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October 2013 Archives

Trust administrators file lawsuit against Harvard University

Trusts are some of the most powerful instruments available to Florida residents who wish to provide for their family or a favorite charity after they are gone. A trust can go on for decades of providing for beneficiaries. In cases of charitable trusts, they may even go on indefinitely. However, to carry on as it should, a trust needs capable trust administration from someone who can protect its principal and watch out for its beneficiaries -- even when the two interests don't always align.

Appointing an executor of one's estate

When many Florida residents decide to write a will, they agonize over such questions as who to appoint as guardian for children, or which niece gets the antique furniture. Still, many of them don't spend a lot of time thinking about an important question -- who should serve as executor of the estate? Failing to think about this carefully can lead to problems down the road.

Common estate planning mistakes to avoid

When Florida residents execute a will or other estate planning documents, they may think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime process. But it's important to keep those documents up-to-date. A person's life can go through many important changes after a person signs a life insurance policy, will or other estate planning document. It's important to make sure that these documents reflect the changes that have taken place. When they don't, it can lead to serious problems.

Lincoln artifacts at heart of family estate dispute

A remarkable lawsuit with a Florida connection is currently pitting two branches of a family against each other in a dispute over 150-year-old letters from Abraham Lincoln and other valuable artifacts. While the particulars are unusual, the case represents some of the complexities that can come up with many people's estates long after a person passes away.

How to protect artwork's value in estate planning

When Florida residents plan their estates, their primary concerns are usually making sure that they can preserve assets for their families and friends and perhaps to make bequests to charities they support. These assets can come in the form of money, real estate or other investments, but often the assets that really concern people are pieces of artwork.