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James Gandolfini's will leaves most of estate to minor children

It came as a shock to many Florida fans when James Gandolfini died of a heart attack last month at the age of 51, but the star of "The Sopranos" had apparently wisely planned for the possibility that something like this could happen. The actor left behind a will dated December 19, 2012, which gave detailed instructions on how to distribute his estate, which is estimated to be worth $70 million.

The will leaves most of the estate to Gandolfini's 13-year-old son and infant daughter. His son will get access to the inheritance, in the form of a trust fund, when he reaches age 21. The two children, who are half-siblings, will share property in Italy once the daughter turns 25. His will requested that they keep the property in the family as long as they could.

Gandolfini also provided for millions of dollars to go to his wife and two sisters. The will also makes bequests of $500,000 each to his nieces, as well as large bequests to a personal assistant and a godson.

It is uncomfortable for most people to think about their own death. But it may be even worse to think about leaving a financial mess behind for loved ones to clean up.

Many Floridians who execute a will find comfort in the fact that they are making their intentions known and are helping to provide for loved ones for many years to come. Florida residents who are interested in preserving their legacy for their families should get help learning about how to execute a will and set up a trust.

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