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February 2013 Archives

Wills are often the first step in estate planning

In this day and age, people try plan nearly every aspect of their life, from careers to marriage to starting a family. However, often, we forget to prepare for the unexpected, including death. Florida residents should understand that careful estate planning is necessary to save their loved ones from considerable financial and legal stress after their passing, particularly if it's unexpected. However, it's never too late to plan your assets, and Florida residents can start planning now.

Be careful when disinheriting someone from an estate

A moral and ethical dilemma presents itself to a person who wishes to disinherit a child, spouse or parents. Estate and assets are issues that can haunt the person forever. These matters should be handled during one's lifetime according to laws regarding wills prevalent in Florida.

Daughter disinherited from father's trust property

Property matters always carry an element of dispute, especially when relating to property division through trusts and wills. Many Florida residents may have heard of the recent Supreme Court decision in a northeastern state regarding disinheritance of a daughter from her father's trust arising from a trust administration dispute.