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January 2013 Archives

Asset protection is essential for estate planning

People often pre-plan for their career, business, marriage and children. However, people sometimes forget about planning for emergency situations like death. It is important that all individuals think about these things and plan accordingly.

Stepdaughter of Florida millionaire set to inherit a fortune

Some time back, a Florida millionaire was brutally murdered in a hotel room by a hit man hired by his wife and her brother. The duo was convicted for the offense last month. The present issue, however, does not relate to the incident of his murder, but that of the administration of his estate and assets and related issues.

Ambiguous will may cause problems in estate administration

Life is full of unexpected happenings. Like all good and bad things, death is also a part of life. Florida residents should accept this harsh reality and plan in advance. It ensures that a person's estate will be distributed among the relatives and friends, according to the decedent's will.

The importance of estate planning in today's economic climate

Planning how one's estate should be administered is a dull topic for most people in their youth. But estate planning should also be a part of any Florida resident's to-do list. It ensures that one's estate will be distributed to his or her siblings, spouse or any other entity or person of the testator's choosing in a peaceful and amicable way.

Protecting assets and the family in the event of death: wills

Floridians know that death is part of a human's life, and eventually the end of all living things. People may accumulate assets and properties throughout their years. These assets may be distributed in various ways in the event of death. An individual may set up a will protecting assets as preparation for the death. Setting up a will may spare families from a possible fracture of relationships due to the amassed assets and properties.