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December 2012 Archives

Death of radio host reaffirms importance of estate planning

In Florida, planning for the peaceful disposal of an estate after death is essential. It involves how property is passed on to spouses, siblings and other intended beneficiaries. Successful estate planning, however, requires that one be aware of relevant federal and state laws regarding wills and bequests and plan ahead for best results.

Estate administration ensures cherishing of your memories

Everyone should ensure a peaceful and sound distribution of their assets after they have passed away, all according to their wishes and ideals. Hence, estate planning is a must to ensure that subsequent estate administration does not require a person's loved onest to fritter their energies in needless and acrimonious court battles.

Chronic litigation with estate administration of Marilyn Monroe

Florida residents work hard throughout their lifetimes to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones. They wish to bequeath their property to loved ones; they want it to be administered according to their ideals, beliefs and values. However, there are times when controversies and litigation surrounding estate administration occur.

Estate planning with values and ethics in Florida

Planning for estate administration after you are no longer alive is a prime concern for all Americans. People are concerned about passing their values along with their property and assets. Estate planning is not just about material possessions. It also involves giving opinions on how to bequeath your money and property to your loved ones and relatives.