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Inherited clown collection changes man's life in Florida

People in Florida like to collect different things. Some may not approve of or like another's collection, but it is a personal choice. But what happens to all these assets when the owner passes away? One may make a will to deal with this issue. A will can ensure that the assets go to someone who understands their importance.

While many would not consider clowns to be a valuable inheritance, a man in Florida is excited about the collection. The new collection owner has inherited 13,000 clowns from his father-in-law.

His father-in-law had collected clowns for some time. The collection contains different types of clowns, such as happy and sad clowns as well as holiday clowns. The heir understands the significance of this collection as he now plans to be a clown. The heir also plans to reopen his father-in-law's museum by selling some of the identical clowns.

Some may think that only an individual who has lots of property should make a will. Any person who wants to distribute his property, according to his wishes, may make a written will. If one does not make a will, the person's property will be distributed under state and federal law.

According to intestate laws, when a person passes away without a will, the heirs have the right to the property. The property is divided according to the lineal descendant rule. Unlike a will, the intestacy law does not give any preference to the person preferred by the property owner.

After spending years building a collection, financial resources, or real estate, it may be important to the person to also name an heir. Individuals may change their will or amend it by executing a new will. Matters relating to will and probate may be confusing, as it involves tax and other complex issues, but the advice of an estate planning professional can help the process run smoothly.

Source: Today's THV, "Send in the clowns! Man inherits massive clown collection," Lindsey Tugman, Oct. 12, 2012

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