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September 2012 Archives

Generation Z overconfident about inheritances

It seems that a fair number of Gen Z kids, those ages 13 to 22, are expecting a big payday when it's time for the reading of their parent's will. After all, big inheritances are often the story line in movies, TV shows and plain old urban legend. Unfortunately, it's probably not going to happen. Fewer than one in five will get any kind of bequest at all, a consequence of the Great Recession and changing times.

Probate conundrum: Who gets the iPod?

Time to rewrite the will again, because chances are some very valuable property has been forgotten in the previous version. That forgotten property is digital assets like downloaded music and electronic books. In days gone by, book collections, vinyl records and CD's could be passed along to heirs, but legal experts say the contents of an iPod or Kindle will go to the grave with the owner in most cases.

TV star's body remains unburied as will dispute unfolds

Sherman Hemsley, the late television actor who became famous for portraying the character George Jefferson, is still not resting in peace. His body is being held in a El Paso, Texas funeral home while his beneficiary and a man who claims to be Hemsley's brother argue over his estate,valued in court documents at "more than $50,000."