Winter Haven Elder Care Planning

Just as financial planners advise their clients to employ different strategies at different stages of their lives, so too, estate planning objectives and concerns shift over time. As individuals reach retirement age, a common concern focuses on protecting one's assets from the costs of long-term care.

At the office of J. Kelly Kennedy, Attorney/CPA, PLLC, we help our clients put the proper plan in place to ensure that they will qualify to receive Medicaid or other public benefits rather than deplete their personal savings in the event that home health care or nursing home care is necessary.

As a certified public accountant and a licensed estate planning attorney, J. Kelly Kennedy belongs to an exclusive group of professionals that is sometimes referred to as "green eyeshade lawyers." He has thorough knowledge of the complexities that occur at the intersection of finances and elder care planning.

In addition, we will prepare health care directives that spell out your wishes should you become incapacitated and designate durable powers of attorney so that someone you trust can make financial and health care decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.

A number of our clients ask us to help minimize the amount of court involvement in the event they become incapacitated. Preparing advance directives is one of the most effective ways to avoid guardianship and expensive legal complications.

We also create revocable trusts — also called living trusts — that protect assets, designate a trustee to control those assets, and allow for changing or terminating the trust at any point before the trustor dies or becomes incapacitated.

We will take the time to explain what can be accomplished with a number of other planning tools, such as annuities, gifting options and personal service contracts, which allow individuals to pay loved ones for the care they provide.

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